We provide weekly trash service for $25.00 per month. Our weekly pickup of household garbage includes 5 of the larger black bags or 10 of the smaller white “kitchen” size bags. (depending on what you use in your household you can mix bag sizes. 2 small kitchen bags equal one large trash bag.) We do provide rates for larger weekly bag counts if needed.

We require all trash to be bagged for the ease of handling. Please keep the weight reasonable (30lbs or less) It is necessary to bag loose trash… #1 to keep from receiving fines for loose trash… #2 to avoid workman’s comp claims for back injuries from lifting heavy containers…  #3 loose trash left in your containers attracts animals.

Please have your trash out by 8:00am. The standard trash pick-up workday is between 8am and 4pm but please remember, while trash pick-up routes over time tend to follow the same schedule, there are times when a day could change. A new crew, someone covering for an absent employee, road closures, bad weather, etc. may cause your route to run differently. Trash trucks could also break down causing delays while another truck is dispatched to finish the route. Various circumstances may change up the daily route.

We cannot accept hazardous items such as paint, chemicals, tires, batteries, oil (including cooking oil), dead animals. We cannot accept construction materials due to these types of items damaging our trucks. We dump at Eco Vista landfill in Tontitown and follow their guidelines and cannot take any items or hazardous materials that they do not allow. If you are in need of a large item pickup or have any questions please contact us. We would love to help and answer your questions.

We do offer cleanup and haul off services whereby we come to your location with our truck and a crew of loaders to perform a onetime cleanup. Please call for more information and rates regarding cleanups or special pickups.  Monday ~ Friday    8am ~ 5pm

We have 2 and 3 yard dumpsters that we deliver to your location and you can load them at your own pace. They will be dumped once a week by our packer trucks. The prices are $90.00 a month for a 2 yard sized dumpster that will be dumped once a week (4 dumps per month) Or $120.00 a month for a 3 yard sized dumpster that will also be dumped once a week (4 dumps per month) We do not charge a delivery or pick up fee for these ~Because we appreciate your business  !!