Bad Weather

Inclement/Bad Weather policy

If weather conditions are severe, we will NOT run our routes.  Safety is our number one concern and we will not put our workers or the public at risk of being hurt. Our trucks may be able to maneuver in the ice and snow but they cannot stop as fast due to their size & weight.  Remember we run rural routes and the county roads do not get graded like the more traveled major highways do, and we have many hills and shaded spots that do not thaw as fast making some places more difficult to serve during bad weather.

If your pickup day is more than one day late due to weather conditions, chances are we will not make up your service until the following week. We will take double amount the following week with no extra charge.

For information on our service schedule due to bad weather, Look under the “WHAT’S  HAPPENING” tab. Thank You for your understanding in this matter.